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The biggest problem in lockdown is technical education. Kovid-19, changed the whole education system. Be it general biblical education, or technical education. Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the world economy.

Why just say economics, its deadly impact on various sectors of the world. Worst and almost crippled are perhaps the daily reading lessons and various trainings. Speaking of reading, I am talking about various technical and vocational trainings.

The training methods that are available in various technical courses are severely damaged for this lockdown. If a technical course is not followed in time, it has a huge impact.

First of all, if the attendance of the students in the course is not right, then there is also the problem of hand-to-hand training. Whose effect is to test the time? And the future of the students involved with it. In addition to biblical studies, students are admitted to various vocational courses, to fix their careers. But the impact of Kovid-19 has pushed the future of students on an uncertain road like the world economy.

The only way to survive is to adapt to the situation. Those who provide year-round technical education training, such as the George Telegraph Training Institute, have changed the way they teach. The biggest challenge in this lockdown was the daily communication of the institute with the students.

Despite the rapid advancement of technology, it is very difficult to keep a distance from any technical course and only the technology-friendly class of teachers, even the practical training of the technical course can be considered as a long-term alternative learning system in the virtual system. Face-to-face discussions between students and teachers are very important in teaching technical education with pen in hand.

This is usually a tough fight in front of technical training institutes like George Telegraph. Students also struggle to see the path of light from such a dark state. Ordinary students who are a little behind are admitted to institutes like George Telegraph Training Institute to avoid the risk of getting established in life by going for general courses.

But in the current situation, lack of practical training is bound to frustrate them. The problem may be to re-motivate themselves for the future. As a result, the hope that they were seeing about their career, maybe the thought of changing their career is also coming to their mind. The only problem is the students? The institutes will have problems if they do not pay the course fee.

It will also affect teachers. And technical education is a subject that does not match other courses. Where hand-to-hand teaching is the most important. Yet some established educational institutions, such as the George Telegraph Training Institute, are adapting to the situation and fighting to show the way to the students.

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